GM Getränketechnik und Maschinenbau

Brau Beviale 2012 in Nuremberg, hall 7, booth 520

To overview 01.09.2012

In keeping with tradition, GM Getränketechnik & Maschinenbau GmbH Gera will again be showing a bottle cleaning machine this year. The ARCADE GEK2.1 RV1-186/95-16 presented at the exhibition is compact and made completely from stainless steel. Its performance is rated at 6,600 bottles per hour.
The machine’s dimensions as well as the height of the bottle feeding and delivery ends ideally reflect the requirements of small and medium size breweries.

The GM bottle cleaning machines use a modern drive concept with single-shaft drives. Bottles are fed into the machine using a finger system. A individual finger response technology ensures gentle operation. The same technology is used for the delivery end of the machine. Bottles are picked up directly from the cells – with a drop height of zero!
The self-cleaning rotating pipe jet system with 3D jets guarantees good cleaning and rinsing results.
This machine is eco-friendly in terms of energy and water consumption.

Brau Beviale 2012 opens the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg again its doors. There you will find everything related to the latest developments and trends in the production and marketing in the beverage industry. Brau Beviale is in 2012 the world's most important capital goods exhibition for the beverage industry.