GM Getränketechnik und Maschinenbau

The company GM Getränketechnik & Maschinenbau GmbH Gera is a manufacturer of equipment used to clean containers, in particular for the beverage industry. Our key knowledge and experience lies in the construction of machines and cleaning systems, with bottle cleaning machines and crate washers as our core products. Furthermore, we offer our competences in the fields of container production, casing construction, as well as filter and conveying systems. The machines and equipment are in use in many countries across four continents.

Innovation based on tradition

Our company has a long tradition in machine construction. It began in the year 1841 with the foundation of the first machine construction works of the Gera region. The inventive
mechanic Moritz Jahr founded the factory in order to put his ideas into action. The development and production of bottle cleaning machines began in 1955. Since then, almost 4,000 machines have been produced and set into operation.

Most machines were produced between 1971 and 1989. In this period, the company was part of the NAGEMA combined works and sole
manufacturer of bottle cleaning machines for the entire Eastern Bloc. The combination of development, production and close cooperation with the customer has always been the guideline to which our company adheres. Many satisfied customers appreciate our technology, our service and the cooperation based on mutual trust. A regular staff of highly qualified specialists, the most modern forms of organisation, and extensive knowledge in the field of product development and manufacture are based on this tradition and guarantee a continuous increase in quality.

Our standard: Products made to customer‘s specifications

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Currently, we have a production area of more than 4000 m2. We produce powerful machines on a high quality level using up-to-date machines and, above all, benefitting from the know how of our employees. A significant feature is our high in-house production depth – almost everything is made at our own factory in Gera. Purchased parts and components come from renowned companies of our choice. Thus, we can guarantee plant safety to the greatest possible extent. Based on our series with many options for customisation, our experienced technical designers provide individual configurations for every machine according to customer‘s requirements.

One of the advantages is that we also find solutions for difficult installation conditions due to lack of space. Plants are realised by own planning or in cooperation with our partners. We do everything to safeguard what has been achieved and to enable our employees to master the challenges of the future with innovative products and services by providing them adequate training in all fields. Together with our committed and responsible staff, we develop new ideas for our own success and for the success of our customers.